Thursday, January 24, 2008


Wailua falls.

Waimea Canyon

The majestic lookout over Kalalau Valley.

The huge Polihale beach at the very end of the long bumpy dirt road at the furthest west spot on the island.

Trail to Hideaway beach. Neat tiny hidden beach that you can have all to yourself.

The beautiful waterfront 16th hole at Poipu Bay golf course.

This was on a hike up the trail past Ke'e beach which is at the very end of the highway.

Looking down at Ke'e beach

Looking down at Ke'e beach

This was on a hike up the trail past Ke'e beach, about 40 minutes in. Looking along the north west coastline called the Na Pali coast.

Hanalei lookout on a serene sunset.

Hyatt Kauai saltwater lagoon. You can swim or take kyaks around it.

Hyatt Kauai

Hyatt Kauai beach. (Shipwreck Beach)

Hyatt Kauai parrot.

Hyatt Kauai parrot.

Hyatt Kauai herron.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Maui Sights

A bright pink hotel in Kahana, very art deco or Miami feeling.

A very interesting and friendly guy, Mel. His yard is bit of an eclectic mix of...stuff, and his computer is set up under a huge tree outside. His quirky little paradise overlooks the ocean. (shown in the next beach shot below) Not a bad way to spend the day in front of the computer, not in a boring cubicle all day like we are used to.

Windmills Beach.

Neat little church in Lahaina.

Is he?'s like a coming attraction movie marquee.

A cemetary near Ka'anapali. This one is not quite as green as back home.

The Banyan Tree. A famous gathering spot and center of Lahaina town. It was an Indian tree planted in 1873 at 8 feet tall, now it stretches 2/3 of an acre and has 12 trunks to it along with this huge center core. It spans out from the center and then hanging roots plant into the ground to form other trunks so that is why it can grow and span such a huge area.

Just a neat old abandoned truck on the side of the road.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Mercedes Championship Golf - Kapalua 08

Verplank and Samuel L. Jackson on hole 4, pro-am.

Alice Cooper on hole 10 in a squall of rain, pro-am.

Cabrerra on hole 10, pro-am.

Hopper on hole 18, pro-am.

Stricker on hole 5.

Furyk on hole 18, pro-am.

Samuel L. Jackson, during practice round.

Rory Sabbatini, hole 11.

Chopra, the winner of the event, on hole 11.

Brandt Snedeker, hole 10.

Brandt Snedeker, hole 10.

Vijay S, hole 12.

Vijay S, chillin at hole 11.

Vijay S, hole 11.

Justin L, at hole 1.

Justin L, at hole 10.

Justin L, at hole 14.

Weir, putting green.

Weir, putting green.

Weir, putting green.

Weir, putting green.

Random Maui Pics - Dec 07

Palm Trees, in case you weren't sure

Napili Bay, down the street from us.

Napili Bay

Honalua Bay surfer

Flying in

Eesh, Jen found this praying mantis on our screen door one night, at eye level. I thought it was a big grass hopper seeing just the underside at first until further inspection. Not dangerous, but he kinda freaked you out a bit, the way he rocked back and forth on the ground like he was about to pounce on you.