Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Fall Pics

A neat bamboo water torture thing at Butchart Gardens in the Japanese garden area. Well not really used for water torture, more of a serene relaxing kind of torture.

Some nice flowers we had at our house for a little while.

Some leaves floating in the water at Butchart Gardens.

One of the bridges at Butcharts. Jen actually snapped this one, it was much better than the one I took, so I had to throw it in.

A ladybug on our window sill.

Same little guy.

Tried this at night with a longer exposure and painted in a touch of light with a flashlight.

Tried making a statement about the commercialization of halloween...well that and it was just kinda fun experimenting. Again, my only light source was a flashlight during a long exposure. I shined a little from below for a second and then moved it overhead for a couple more seconds.

Ditto as above, painted in some light with a flashlight.